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Capo Clips Videos

Capo Clips Infomercial 2013

D Capo Clip Instrumental

Gabriel Gordon Amazing!

C Capo Clip Chord Chart Video

D Capo Clip Different Chords

Hummingbird G Capo Clip

Aquatic Frogs C Capo Clip

Francois Wiss Sweet G Capo Clips Improv

NOTICE: We have upgraded our capo clips and we will be changing our website soon. In the mean time, purchase the clips you want, and we will refund the difference in cost. New clips are $8 each, plus shipping. Bar chord capo clip stays the same cost.

Capo Clips - New guitar invention by Scott Stenten

Each individual capo clip has its own how to videos and tab download sheets. Just click link below.

We ship anywhere in the world! Works on all guitars, acoustic, electric, classical, banjos and more.

For Singer songwriters, Irish, country, African, bluegrass, blues, classical composers and much more!

Very intuitive and easy to use. In stock - usually ships next day.

30 days to try it FREE, if you don't like it, return for a full refund.

Contact us with any questions cause we're always here to help: sales@capoclips.com


Capo clips are chord shaped metal frames designed to work on any guitar.

Simply clamp them to the neck of the guitar with most any spring clamp capo and play.

Patent pending fret mount technology means you clamp directly over the fret, distributing the force of the capo clip more evenly and giving your fingers more area to play notes inside and next to the capo clip. Pop on and off the rubber fretters and create different chord variations and cool new sounds.




Capo Clips put the guitar in different keys and changes the way it resonates without having to physically change tunings like you would with an alternate tuning so you can get that rich alternate tuning sound without having to relearn new chords or riffs, just clamp it on and play using what you already know.

A big part of capo clips genius is that less is more and by playing simple 2 and 3 note chords it automatically lets the sound of the capo clip bleed through and color your sound. Making something so easy to play sound rich, complex and cinematic. Changing the relationship between the notes your fretting and the open strings creating kick ass new sounds! Major 7ths, Sharp 4s,close voiced 9ths, repeated notes, Sounds normally reserved for jazz or fingerstyle master players.


Singers should get the capo clip in the key you sing in. If you sing in D allot get a D capo clip, if you sing in G allot get a G capo clip and be inspired by easy to play melodies that accompany your voice.

For people who play with a guitar pick or fingerstyle players. Whether your playing Gibson, Fender or Ibanez electrics, Martin, Ovation, or Taylor acoustic guitars, capo clips will fit your axe and open up new sounds and inspire your songwriting.

Each capo clips can be many different chords besides what it is called.

EZ Storage Magnet Mounts - Only $6.00 Each!

Capo Clip EZ magnet mounts store the capo clip on an un-used portion of your strings between the nut and the tuning peg. Installs in 2 minutes simply undo your string from the tuning peg and slide the mount on your string through the hole in center of the magnets, put the string back on  and your capo clip will always be there when you need it.

Easily take the clip on and off without missing a beat. The patent pending magnetic design allows you to quickly pop off and on your capo clips, so you can safely and effortlessly store them when your not in use. Doesn't change the sound of your guitar or touch the wood they simply float on the string. Patent Pending


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